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Reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles at our modern clinic in Birmingham City Centre.

Treatments for lines and wrinkles in Birmingham | Dermoperfection

One of the effective treatments for lines and wrinkles maybe following Medical Consultation –  Anti Wrinkle injectable treatments. This type of treatment can last 3-4 months depending how quickly your muscles start to activate again, everyones response is individual.

We will discuss during your consultation and following clinical assessment what is that a number of treatment sessions over a set time period you may need to have and how best to achieve long lasting line & wrinkle reduction results


At Dermoperfection, we offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments. Muscle-relaxing injections are one of these, but you may want to explore other treatments in place of, or in addition to, this. For example, dermal fillers, can be used to fill lines around the mouth or nose (such as nose-to-mouth or mouth-to-chin lines), and can also treat tear troughs to make the under eye area look plumper and more youthful. we’re  also specialists in a number of skincare treatments, such as chemical peels and micro-needling, which have fantastic anti-ageing benefits.

To find out more about our skincare treatments, or to enquire about anti-wrinkle injections in one of our Birmingham clinics, feel free to get in touch or Book Online.

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