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If you are looking for more defined lips, fillers may be for you. Find out more about our two Birmingham clinics.

Lip Fillers in Birmingham


At Dermoperfection, one of our most popular treatments for clients of all ages is dermal filler in the lips. We have two locations that you can visit for lip fillers in Birmingham: our brand new Pinfold Street clinic in the city centre, and our MetroSpa cosmetic clinic in the quiet suburb of Edgbaston. Both are conveniently located and yet discreet, ideal for busy clients who would like to fit their appointment into the rest of their day. 

Whether you want a fuller look, more balance between your top and bottom lip or would simply like a more youthful-looking smile, lip fillers can help. At your consultation, we will discuss with you the results you would like to achieve, and the best products and volumes to achieve the look you want. We will typically inject between 0.5ml and 1ml of product in one session; however, we know that each client is unique and so your lip augmentation treatment will be bespoke to you. 


Why Dermoperfection?


We know that when it comes to finding a clinic for lip fillers in Birmingham there is plenty of choice. So, why visit Dermoperfection? At both of our clean, modern clinics, you are guaranteed:


  • Expert injectors – as you can see from our Practitioner Profiles, we have decades of combined experience, and receive regular training from the best medical aesthetic bodies in the UK
  • The most premium products – we only use Juvederm for our lip fillers, meaning we can be confident that you’ll achieve the very best results
  • A friendly, professional service – we understand that aesthetics treatments such as lip fillers can be a big decision, and so keeping you comfortable is our top priority. We’re happy to answer as many questions as you need during your comprehensive consultation, and are always available after your appointment should you need further help

Lip Filler with Dermoperfection
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I finally had lip fillers…

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