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Profhilo is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64mg / 2ml) it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue.

Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments currently on offer.

Profhilo is a fantastic treatment that restores the skin to reduce laxity and crepey appearance that comes with age and lifestyle choices that have been made. It can be used in the face, neck, decolletage( creasing between breasts), upper arms (bingo Wings), abdomen, thighs… and much more

Exciting development

Profhilo is creating a real buzz  as “the most exciting development in injectable treatments in a long time”. This is what many people have been waiting for, a treatment that is not surgical, but truly revives the skin and makes a meaningful visible impact to reduce aging, lax, crepey and unattractive skin appearance that has occurred through aging and lifestyle..


As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of HA.

The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement, that results in tightening / lifting effect of the skin.


There are many characteristics that make Profhilo unique from anything else available on the market right now. It is thermally cross-linked generating stabilised hybrid co-operative complexes of H-HA and L-HA. Despite its high HA content, it has a low inflammatory profile coupled with pro-healing properties backed by clinical studies.

 So basically this in the most nautral form on Hyaluronic Acid, that works with the skins own cells, is not mixed with anything artifical that could reduce that overall HA concerntartion and stimulates skin healing and improvement.


In Profhilo, L-HA is released slowly from the HA hybrid complexes and therefore does not trigger the first inflammatory cytokines making it very biocompatible. It also increases patient comfort during and after treatment and provides hydration to the skin especially in the epidermis – the Hydro effect.

H-HA in Profhilo provides a stable HA architecture in the dermis. This gives a volumetric effect – the Lift effect.

Another advantage of the stable co-operative hybrid complex when compared to H-HA and L-HA is the increase in the ex¬pression levels of type I and type III collagen in fibroblast and type IV and VII collagen in keratinocytes.

This results in improved skin quality and skin hydration both in the dermis and epidermis. There is also increased production of endogenous HA and elastin giving the skin a more youthful look.


Profhilo contains 32mg of low molecular weight HA (80-100Kda) and 32 mg of high molecular weight HA (1100-1400Kda). This gives one of the highest concentration of HA on the market totalling 64 mg of HA in a 2ml prefilled syringe.

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