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– Fractional Radio frequency Microneedling

Intracel PRO in Birmingham

The revolutionary and next generation of skin rejuvenation treatments –  The Intracel PRO is now available at Dermoperfection In Birmingham.

We are the first West Midlands clinic to offer the Intracel PRO

What is Intracel PRO?

INTRAcel Pro™ uses 49 microneedles for optimised RF energy delivery. Unlike laser procedures or surgery, INTRAcel Pro™ protects the surface of the skin from damage, allowing you to resume their daily life quickly, whist achieving world class, outstanding results 

Intracel Pro is an energy based treatment utilising the power of Radio-frequency and microneedling combined through FRFM (Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedle) Technology™, a unique system to deliver electrical current actually into your skin for a radically enhanced effect in skin tightening, lifting and resurfacing the skin.

The Intracel delivery system is unique by pushing electrical currents into the skin rather than through it, allowing for deeper penetration without damaging the outer skin layers. This the stimulates new collagen and elastin production alongside waking up and recharging and repairing your existing damaged collagen

This will offer a very natural looking result of rejuvenation, resurfacing, lifting and tightening of the skin

The devices also produces enough thermal energy to destroy the causes of acne, acne bacteria whilst being able to resurface the skin to repair scarring, poor texture, lines and pores 

Treatment areas

Intracel pro can be used to rejuvenate your skin in almost all areas of your body including:

• Loose jowls including an undefined jawline
• Sagging skin under one’s chin
• Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and forehead

• Flabby tummy
• Sagging skin on the arms, buttocks, knees, and legs
• Unwanted bulges after weight loss or pregnancy
• Stretch marks
• Acne
• Acne scarring
• Scars
• Open pores
• Skin texture
• Fine lines
• Excess skin found on the upper part of the eyelid
• Wrinkles around the eyes

Although the results will vary according to individual skin type and the area treated, clincial studies have shown that the results last up to 2 years for most people. Skin ageing will of course still continue in all individuals so you will be advised to consider top-up or maintenance treatments may be needed after review periods.

Side effects and Risks

INTRACEL Pro is considered quite safe as long as you are healthy.

Treatment can be painful, but will depend on the individual. Anaesthetic cream is used to minimise any discomfort, and sometimes cooling systems are also available if you are particularly sensitive. The treatment levels of the device can also be adjusted to suit comfort during treatment. Generally, treatment is considered to be tolerable.

Immediately after treatment there will be pinpoint bleeding which will go away quickly. You will feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few hours and the skin will stay red for up to a day. During this time the skin is starting to heal. 

There may be swelling, particularly if you are treated in and around the eye area; this may take up to 3 days to disappear. Small bruises are also possible. Tiny scabs will form (where the pinpoint bleeding was) at the entry points of the micro-needles. This will make your skin dry and flaky for a few days at the area heals. Improvement in skin tone and texture will start to occur after about 2 weeks.

You will be advised to wear an SPF  minimum 30+ sunscreen product after treatment, as well as to use any topical aftercare products such as healing gel, cold compresses to aid comfort, assist healing, protect your skin and avoid complications whilst it heals. Make-up should be avoided for at least 24 hours after treatment.

The time taken for a treatment session will depend on the size of the area and indication being treated, for example, facial skin rejuvenation will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Body areas generally take longer.

Normally, you will require between 1 – 5 sessions, 3 is most commonly recommended, but this all depends on your skin type and the area in which the procedure is to be applied. Treatment sessions are usually 6 weeks apart to allow healing in between.

Treatment cost and course options

The cost of treatment may depends on multiple areas being treated, but standard cost for the majority of treatment areas are – £495 per single session, £895 for 2 sessions or a course of 3 treatments is £1250


What is INTRAcel Pro?
What is INTRAcel Pro and how can it benefit you?
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