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Facial fillers are a minimally invasive treatment that revitalise your face by filling the lines and wrinkles to restore volume lost in the skin. We only use the highest quality and reputable fillers.



Depending on your individual treatment plan, the appointment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You will start by reviewing your treatment plan and giving you the ins and outs of what to expect that day. The number of injection points will be marked out to show you how  the results you are after will be achieved.

When you are ready, cleansing will take place to sanitise the skin around the treatment areas to prepare them for the injections.  Only Juvederm® products with lidocaine are used, therefore there should be minimal pain felt.  Juvederm® products with lidocaine have a built in anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable and relatively pain-free as possible.

Each injection is short, lasting a few seconds, and the amount of filler used will be dependent on your main treatment objective. The treatment technique will also vary depending on what you are looking to achieve. For example, injecting an area of your face that isn’t necessarily your area of concern, because the effect it will create will give you the results you want.

After each injection, massaging the area will take be undertaken to ensure that the filler is placed properly and smoothed into your skin. You will be able to see your results immediately after the procedure. There may be some minimal swelling and redness at the injection points, which is normal and will subside fairly quickly.

Treatment areas where dermal fillers can be used with Juvéderm®  include the eyes, deep lines, cheeks, nose to mouth, lips, around the mouth, nose, chin and jawline..

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