Microneedling is one of the most versatile treatments at our Birmingham skin clinic – and this is because you have the choice of 8 different skincare solutions for your own concerns and goals. 

Here at Dermoperfection, we use the Mesoestetic m.pen along with their product line Not only does microneedling boost collagen production, for firmer and tighter skin, but it also allows active ingredients into the skin, which are specifically chosen for you by our expert clinicians!

The solutions that can be used for your microneedling treatment are:

  • Depigmentation – this reduces hyperpigmentation (unwanted pigmentation and discolouration), and is also effective for whitening, lightening, correcting and antioxidant action. 
  • Photoageing – this tackles skin ageing caused by environmental factors, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and then adds luminosity and vitality to the skin!
  • Mesotox – this is a great option to complement your anti-wrinkle injections, and continues to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Mesopeptide – looking for natural looking rejuvenation? The mesopeptide solution increases collagen synthesis, improving skin’s firmness and plumpness for a more youthful appearance. 
  • Draining – this has an antioxidant, firming and decongestant effect, which reduces cellulite and volume in areas like the double chin. 
  • Body firming – this treats flaccidity in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts and more!
  • Skinmark – if your skin concern is scars and stretch marks, this solution stimulates cell repair and restructures breakage of proteins, thus giving elasticity and firmness to the skin.
  • Hair loss – this improves microcirculation and nutrient supply to the follicles, which revitalises and strengthens your hair, particularly if you suffer from hair loss.

Microneedling is suitable for all skin types, and our medical professionals will discuss which solution will suit you best during your consultation at our skin clinic. 

Since we think microneedling is the perfect treatment for boosting your confidence this summer (and all year round!), we have a special course offer for you to enjoy!

You can get 6 sessions for the price of 4 at £600, a saving of £300! This is ideal as it can take up to 6 treatments to see optimal results. 

So if you would love to see how microneedling can transform your skin, why not pay a visit to our Birmingham medical skin clinic and meet the team today?


Looking for a friendly and trusted provider of leading skin and aesthetics services right here in Birmingham? Well look no further!

Dermoperfection’s medical skin clinic is here for all your skin concerns and goals, and this is why!

We only use the best brands on the market

Some of the leading treatment brands we offer at our skin clinic include Profhilo, Mesoestetic, Aliaxin, Juvederm and many more!

Plus, we are proud to be exclusive providers of INTRAcel Pro and ULTRAcel Q+ in the West Midlands, so you won’t find their amazing results anywhere else nearby. 

We don’t just focus on in-clinic treatments though – we also want to level up your at-home skincare routine, and we are proud to be Obagi ambassadors, as their medical skincare products cover all skin types!

Our team have years of experience

You may have read about botched injections and other scary stories about inexperienced clinicians – but you can be assured you are in the safest hands at our skin clinic. 

Dermoperfection has provided medical aesthetics care and services for the past 10 years, and have a reputation for being industry leading, trusted and passionate about making a difference!

We are always here to answer your questions too – this month, we’ve launched #DearDermoperfection over on our social media, so you can ask us anything about our treatments, at-home products and more. 

We cover a range of skin concerns

Common skin concerns patients visit us to tackle include acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, scars and stretch marks, rosacea and much more. 

When you visit our Birmingham skin clinic, we will create a bespoke treatment plan to make you feel great in your own skin again!

We know the best treatment combinations

Dermoperfection’s treatments produce incredible results by themselves – but sometimes, you may want to combine two or more treatments for optimal outcomes. For example, Profhilo can be complemented with dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, or you can match your microneedling treatment with a professional grade skin peel.

We know how to combine treatments safely to give you fresh, glowing skin all round. Read more about our favourite treatment pairings here

We’re in the perfect location

Just moments away from Birmingham New Street, our skin clinic is very easily accessed via public transport, and there is nearby parking if you visit us by car. Our prime location also means you can fit your treatments into your working day, or head out shopping or socialising afterwards (many of our treatments have no downtime, after all!)

So, if you want to join us at our Birmingham medical skin clinic to start your skincare journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a consultation with us!


Wave goodbye to hyperpigmentation and say hello to glowing skin you’ll LOVE this summer with Obagi Nu-Derm!

Did you know that Dermoperfection was awarded Obagi ambassador status for the third year running? We are very proud to be leading providers of this skincare brand at our Birmingham medical skin clinic, as we believe it’s perfect for your daily routine.

Hyperpigmentation can often worsen during the sunnier months – this is a usually harmless condition in which dark patches form on the skin due to excess melanin production. However, we know this can make you self-conscious, so it’s time to fight back and see real results with Nu-Derm!

Obagi Nu-Derm is a transformative medical grade skincare range that diminishes the appearance of age spots, dark spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and discoloration. 

Don’t just take our word for it though – celebs are mad about these skincare essentials! Drew Barrymore called herself a longtime fan of Obagi, and said: “Skin is so important to me and this powerful but attainable line is very effective!”

Obagi is loved by other famous faces, including Priyanka Chopra and Dianne Buswell, who have both said the brand is a gamechanger for their routine! Others have loved how Obagi has repaired damage they’ve had for decades – since the 90s! So it’s never too late to make your skincare dreams come true with Obagi and Dermoperfection. 

The Obagi Nu-Derm system contains the Nu-Derm Foaming Gel, Toner, Clear, Exfoderm, Hydrate and Sun Shield Broad Spectrum Matte SPF50. You can even get this in a trial size, which is the perfect size to take away on holiday!

You can also buy these products individually at Dermoperfection – when you visit us, we can choose what will suit you and your skin goals best.

This also complements the Obagi Blue Peel – Radiance skin peel, which removes signs of hyperpigmentation and photoageing, and beautifully unveils fresh skin after only one use!

For more about what treatments can help with hyperpigmentation at our specialist skin clinic, check out this blog and book a consultation with our Birmingham team today.


We want you to choose the perfect injectable for your skin goals here at Dermoperfection’s medical skin clinic!

Whether you want to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, volumise your features or combat seasonal conditions, we recommend:



Profhilo has been dubbed “the most exciting development in injectable treatments in a long time,” and it’s easy to see why!

This treatment uses hyaluronic acid to not only boost and hydrate the skin, but also remodel ageing and sagging skin for a smoother, rejuvenated look all round. This is very popular on the face, but patients also love Profhilo on the body, especially the neck, decolletage, upper arms, abdomen and thighs.

Dermal fillers

Dermoperfection are leading providers of the best filler brands on the market, Aliaxin and Juvederm, and they have many uses perfect for your personal skincare plan. 

For example, you may want to create fuller lips, so we recommend Aliaxin FL (Lips) or Juvederm Volbella. Or, if you want to create a more defined jawline, why not try Aliaxin EV (Essential Volume)? Our medical professionals will advise you as part of your consultation!


Anti-wrinkle injections do as they say – they’re the perfect way to say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! Using Dermoperfection’s number one treatment brand, we can target the crow’s feet, frown lines, nasolabial folds and many more, for sensationally smooth skin. 

Our expert clinicians will ensure you are in the safest hands when restoring youthfulness in your skin!


Hay fever 

Although our injectable range is perfect for aesthetic treatments, we also offer injections for the likes of hay fever, minimising symptoms for the whole season. We are a CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated clinic, giving us the scope to perform these treatments!

These are great if you want to live summer to the fullest without worrying about the limited relief tablets, eye drops and sprays offer! Read more about our hay fever injections here


You don’t need to feel self-conscious about sweat patches anymore – we have a great solution with our hyperhidrosis injections!

Injections for hyperhidrosis are said to reduce underarm sweating by up to 87%, so you can wear what you want and truly enjoy summer.

These are the reasons we love Dermoperfection’s injectable range, but if you want to find out about our full treatment selection, book a consultation with our Birmingham professionals!


Are you counting down to your own wedding this year? Do you want that fresh faced summer glow in time for the big day?!

Here at Dermoperfection, Birmingham’s top medical skin clinic, we are leading providers of the best treatments to get you wedding ready, and we know the perfect timings to get optimal results in time for the big day!

If you want to restore youthfulness in time for wedding season, why not opt for our anti-wrinkle injections? Our number one treatment brand will give you natural but noticeable results, in creating a smoother look, and make your face fuller if you’ve lost volume and elasticity!

Our team of medical professionals also have years of experience behind them, assuring you that you’re in safe hands. 

To help you see the full effects of our anti-wrinkle injections before the big day, we recommend booking at least a month in advance. This also ensures potential side effects, like bruising, have time to go down. 

Another one of our much-loved treatments for wrinkles and skin laxity is Profhilo – and the buzz around this injectable isn’t for nothing! Patients love how their skin looks smoother and more rejuvenated afterwards! Some of the treatment areas include the face, neck, decolletage, upper arms, abdomen, thighs and more, so you don’t need to cover up at any summer wedding. 

Again, we recommend opting for Profhilo at least a month before the wedding, as this gives enough time for collagen stimulation, for the full tightening and lifting effect on the skin. 

Acne is a common issue that we tackle before weddings – and we have a great range of treatments for this concern. Dermoperfection is the exclusive provider of INTRAcel Pro in the West Midlands, the next generation of skin rejuvenation!

The thermal energy this radiofrequency microneedling treatment produces destroys the cause of acne, whilst resurfacing the skin to repair scarring, poor texture, lines and pores, so you’ll be glowing inside and out for the wedding.

This isn’t the only concern INTRAcel Pro targets – this is also great for sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss, and more. We typically advise on a course of three treatments, so account for this when booking in preparation for a wedding. Optimum results that will make you GLOW are usually seen between 2-4 months following treatment!

Perfecting your skincare routine for the event is also very important, and we are proud to be Obagi Medical ambassadors for a third year running. Professionals at our skin clinic can advise on the best products for your skin, but we recommend Obagi Nu-Derm as a complete transformation system, tackling the likes of ageing, acne and hyperpigmentation at home, and giving you healthier skin all round.

Of course, don’t forget sunscreen – nobody wants to turn up to a wedding with sunburn! Obagi Hydrafactor Broad Spectrum SPF30 protects you against these harmful rays whilst addressing skin ageing – it works great as a facial primer as well.

These are just a few treatments and products ideal for wedding preparation, but Dermoperfection can advise you on all our options – you can even combine treatments for greater results! So let’s get wedding ready at our medical skin clinic and book a no-obligation consultation with us. 


Looking for a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment to lift your skin? Silhouette Soft may be the perfect treatment for you, and is available here at our Birmingham-based specialist skin clinic!

We are leading providers of the Silhouette Soft suture lift, which is loved amongst Dermoperfection’s patients for correcting sagging skin, redefining the jawline and boosting collagen production. 

As a CQC regulated clinic, our medical professionals have the scope to perform this treatment, putting you in the safest hands. However there’s a few aftercare pointers to keep in mind to minimise discomfort and see optimal results!

You may experience mild swelling or bruising following the treatment, however this should subside within a few days. You may want to apply an ice pack following the suture lift, and continue to do so intermittently in the days after treatment.

You should also remember:

  • No make-up within the first 24 hours – we recommend booking the treatment when you’re having a night-in so you can rest your face!
  • Sleep face up for the first 3-5 nights.
  • Be gentle when washing and drying your face in the first 5 days, avoiding aggressive rubbing. 
  • Avoid over exposure to sunlight – book your Silhouette Soft in advance of a holiday to stay safe and see the best results when you’re away!
  • Avoid high impact sports for the first two weeks e.g. running. 
  • Do not use Turkish baths or saunas (3 weeks).
  • Avoid dental treatments (3 weeks).
  • Avoid facial massages and other aesthetics treatments for the first month. Good practitioners like at Dermoperfection will only create a treatment plan that is safe for you.

These are just some things you should keep in mind after your Silhouette Soft suture lift, however our medical professionals are always here to discuss aftercare with any of our treatments – just book a no-obligation consultation!

And if you want to find out the most frequently asked questions about Silhouette Soft, check out our blog here or take a look at our Treatment Spotlight over on our social media. We can’t wait to see you at our Birmingham medical skin clinic beginning your skincare journey!


As a specialist skin clinic in Birmingham, we often get asked what treatment can give you a summer GLOW? Well, here at Dermoperfection, Profhilo is the treatment everyone is talking about to give your skin a summer ready shine!

But what is Profhilo? We are leading providers of this fantastic hyaluronic acid (HA) based treatment, that restores the skin to reduce skin laxity and crepey appearance that has come with age and lifestyle choices. 

How can Profhilo help your skin? This is a very versatile treatment, and can be used to target a multitude of issues. This is most popular on the face, neck, decolletage, upper arms and thighs – some of the areas you want to feel most confident in when on holiday! So if you want to love your summer body, Dermoperfection is the place to go for your Profhilo in Birmingham.

As well as filling fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out the skin, Profhilo improves skin hydration in the dermis and epidermis. Skin hydration is key, as nobody wants dry skin following them into summer, and dehydrated skin is more sensitive to irritants and germs, which can even cause acne. 

Although results from Profhilo are visible almost instantly, during the first 28 days in which Profhilo is in the skin, 4 different types of collagen and elastin are stimulated by the slow release of HA. 

This stimulation results in significant tissue improvement, so your skin will look younger and more radiant ready for what summer has in store for you!

Profhilo has incredible results as a standalone treatment, however you can combine it with other aesthetic treatments at our specialist skin clinic too – just ask one of our clinicians and we can create a bespoke plan to cover your skincare needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a consultation at our Birmingham medical skin clinic and say hello to glowing summer skin with Profhilo!


With the pandemic and now the return of our busier lives, you may inadvertently be leaving the gap between your treatments too long.

Although treatments at Dermoperfection show desirable results after just one appointment, a course is often needed so you can achieve exactly what you’re hoping for. 

Here’s the guidance for some of our favourite treatments:

Silhouette Soft – even though results are visible for up to two years, it is recommended to have this treatment every 18 months.

INTRAcel Pro – it can take 1-5 sessions to achieve optimum results, with most people having 3 treatments. These are usually 6 weeks apart to allow healing in-between. 

ULTRAcel Q+ – you will usually need 2-3 treatments, with a frequency of every 3 months. 

Envy (DiamondGlow) – we typically advise on a course of up to 6 sessions, with around 3 weeks between each treatment.

Profhilo – for long-lasting results, it is advised to have two treatments, with a 4 week gap.

Microneedling – we recommend 3-6 treatments, with each treatment being 2-4 weeks apart. 

Your treatment frequency is totally unique, as everyone’s skin is different so is treated accordingly. We will give you guidance during your consultation as to what we think is best for you!

Even if you don’t have much time to spare, we will work around your schedule to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of the treatment you’ve chosen.

Since we value the importance of multiple sessions with us, we also have some special deals to save you money along the way. Our Envy course offer gives you 6 sessions for £645, saving you £129! You can also enjoy 6 sessions of microneedling for £600, which is a £300 discount.

To view how much each individual treatment costs, head to our prices page

So to keep your beautiful results going, book your follow-up appointments today and continue your skincare journey at our Birmingham medical skin clinic!


One of the signs of ageing is a loss of volume in the skin – but we know just the way to restore it with Aliaxin fillers!

Aliaxin is one of the trusted brands of fillers our medical professionals use here at Dermoperfection; this is a complete intradermal range containing ultrapure hyaluronic acid to seamlessly integrate into the skin. This is manufactured in Italy, meaning the quality is second to none!

If you’re looking to bring back youthfulness, the Aliaxin EV (Essential Volume) filler is ideal for restoring partial volume deficits, correcting asymmetries and nose imperfection, and obtaining a more defined jawline. 

Another way to bring back the volume is with Aliaxin SV (Super Volume), which corrects important volume deficits and redefines contours. 

If you want to focus on enhancing your lips, Aliaxin LV (Lips Volume) restores elasticity and obtains the ideal level of volumisation. 

With the power of Aliaxin, your natural beauty is volumised and sculpted, so you can ditch the filter and feel confident with filler!

We truly believe these fillers are perfect for creating the “best version of you”, and since we are a CQC regulated medical skin clinic, you can be assured you are in the safest hands for achieving these rejuvenating results.  

To find out which areas can be volumised for you by Aliaxin, or if you have any more questions about these fillers, book your free consultation with the Dermoperfection team today.


Do you want to go make-up free in three months, but feel like you have to hide hyperpigmentation? Here at Dermoperfection, we have a great selection of treatments to tackle this and have you feeling confident in your bare face!

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the surrounding skin. This is due to excessive melanin, the brown pigment that produces your skin colour, forms deposits.

You may be choosing foundation or other make-up products to balance your skin tone, but we have the best treatments at our medical skin clinic, for a more permanent solution to hyperpigmentation. 

One of the most effective treatments is Dermamelan by Mesoestetic – this is a skin peel that utilises organic acids to remove and suppress melanin. This is suitable for all skin types; although it was designed for bad pigmentation, it’s a great quick fix for minor pigmentation and sun damage. 

Additional benefits of this treatment include more hydrated skin, reduced pore size, regulated sebum production and rejuvenation of the skin’s surface!

Mesoestetic’s microneedling treatment is another popular option for tackling hyperpigmentation! The needles create microchannels that allow active ingredients into the skin – we recommend the depigmentation solution, which inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme in the skin that produces melanin. This solution is also effective for whitening, lightening, correcting and antioxidant action. 

Did you know that INTRAcel Pro can be used for hyperpigmentation? This radiofrequency microneedling treatment, which Dermoperfection are the exclusive providers of in the West Midlands, allows deep penetration to lift residual pigmentation whilst also tightening the skin. 

The treatment targets variable depths below the surface, meaning the healthy skin is left undamaged, causing minimal pain and discomfort. 

You can try an Obagi Blue Peel as well, which works to remove blemishes and pigmented areas, resulting in brighter looking skin after just one use. Why not check out the Obagi Nu Derm range whilst you’re here too? This helps you tackle hyperpigmentation as part of your at-home routine, by minimising these brown spots and uneven skin tone. 

So say goodbye to hyperpigmentation holding you back and let’s embrace the fresh face! To discover these treatments, book your consultation with us today.

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Anne Green
Anne Green
Have been getting treatments from Stu at Dermoperfection for 5 years and would not go anywhere else. I trust Stu 100%! Lovely relaxing salon and lovely staff. Highly recommend xx
Isabel hyams
Isabel hyams
Best place in Birmingham, great service and true care.
Linda Phillips
Linda Phillips
Absolutely amazing! Stu is knowledgeable and thorough. Book in- you won’t be disappointed.
I enjoyed my first envy facial immensely with the lovely Stuart. The results after only one treatment were amazing. My skin felt squeaky clean & definitely had a nice glow to it. I'm already looking forward to starting my course of microneedling facials. The whole team at Dermoperfection have a wonderful energy around them and make the whole experience feel fantastic ?
Stuart Moss
Stuart Moss
I can honestly say I’ve always been very very happy with the service and treatments I’ve received at Dermoperfection. A very professional and polished team who really know their stuff and how to make you look great. The proof of this is I often get mistaken for 10 years younger than I actually am so that’s a sign my treatments have been highly effective! Thank you Dermoperfection! x
Jodie Stokes
Jodie Stokes
What a gem ? of a place this is, so convenient to right in the heart of the city centre, Stu is fantastic, so knowledgeable, friendly and professional, he put me at ease in an instant with the concerns I had with my skin, we discussed what it was I wanted to achieve and he put me a plan together, I’m glad to say I’m over the moon with the results. I look and feel so much fresher than before. I cant recommend him and his team enough.?? One last thing, the Envy Facials are amazing.
Jessica Lowe
Jessica Lowe
I have been going to Stu and the team for about 18 months now and I honestly would not go anywhere else. Stu and the team are so professional, approachable and attentive. Stu always listens to my concerns about my skin and always knows what to do. He is so knowledgeable, experienced and I know I'm in good hands. I have been the most confident I have ever been since going to Stu. He really is a genius when it comes to aesthetics and works to a high standard. He will also be very honest if you don't need anything doing or will offer an alternative which also saves money. You can tell he's really passionate about what he does and it certainly shows in his work. I always feel like a million dollars when I leave the clinic!!! I am always recommending people and they have said exact same thing! Thank you!!!!
Gemma Donnelly
Gemma Donnelly
Big thank you to Stuart for my botox today! Definitely my go to now! First time visiting and staff were friendly and welcoming, the clinic was beautiful and clean and Stuart gave me some great advice! See you soon!
Kereen Powell
Kereen Powell
Stuart and the team are incredible! So knowledgeable and professional. Always provide the best service in a beautiful, clean environment, would never go anywhere else! Recommend to anyone looking to get aesthetics or skin treatments.

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