March 31, 2020 by admin

When it comes to body confidence, I’m quite happy with myself. Nothing about my body I’ve ever massively wanted to change. However I’m all for little details that can be made to improve and develop certain areas of the body. Just like going to the gym, if you do more squats…your bum will get bigger. Well if you add filler to your lips…they will also get bigger.

When it comes to looking at my face…I’m pretty happy. It’s my face, it’s one who’s always looking back at me in the mirror. However the one thing I’ve always wanted to get done is getting my top lip done with filler. Why? I get a lot of comments on my lips, some people have even asked me previously if I’d had my lips done as I have a much larger bottom lip compared to my top. This massively shows when I smile, but for me it’s always been something I’ve noticed. So when the lovely team at Dermoperfection / HDY Agency offered me the opportunity to improve on anything I wanted, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Getting lip fillers is something I’d been considering for years now! Honestly years…I’d looked at booking appointments then didn’t go. However this time around I felt like I was in good hands at Dermoperfection. Before the treatment I attended a consultation. This is something that at Dermoperfection they prefer to do so that you have all of the information you need, and don’t rush into something that can be a big dramatic change for your body. I found getting the consultation super useful for myself. With going into blind to not knowing what the pain will be like, the after care, I wanted to know my facts before jumping into the treatment and not really knowing if it’s the right choice for me. Amy at Dermoperfection was so great at answering all of my questions but also to make me really feel at ease with the whole treatment and any potential side affects. Also what I loved about the over all customer service at Dermoperfection was not only how beaut the clinic looked, but how comfortable I was made to feel the whole time.

So let’s get into the fun stuff! Treatment and actually getting my lips filled! The first thing we did was put on the numbing cream, this was to numb my lips so that I didn’t feel any pain when having the procedure done. This took around 10 minutes to work, and was a very weird sensation but a lot like having a filling at the dentist! Once this was all good, we were ready to go! I made it very clear I didn’t want to go too big and that I wanted my lips to be more mirrored but not too much to look fake. We used 0.5ml and my lips looked amazing!

As you can see from the images above, it was a very slight change, I really didn’t want to have too much done and hate my lips. This was my first time so I’d rather build up the fuller look than go too full too soon and regret my choice. My lips did swell up a lot. and I think that’s what I saw a lot of in the mirror when they were first done. However they soon settle and I realised I wanted more to top them up. This was when I returned to Dermoperfection where me and Amy decided to go bigger, and I honestly I love them now!

So, let’s discuss the pain! I was really intrigued to find out how the pain was going to be. I really hoped it wasn’t going to be painful as I’d previously had my brows done and they hurt so much more than I thought. But luckily for me I found the pain next to nothing. All I found was that I could feel the needle enter my skin, a really horrible sensation. However after this the pain was nothing. I’d highly recommend you get your lips done of the pain was putting you off because it was not as bad as most people make out! When it comes to recovery it Varys rom person to person. Luckily for me when I had my first treatment I didn’t experience any bruising. However the second time I did on my top lip and it still is there now slightly! This is expected and soon goes down after a few days. I now do my make up and get so excited to put my lips on because I just love the overall results of my lips. I feel like it’s massively changed the look of my face also!

Over all I couldn’t be happier withy treatment at Dermoperfection. The service, the care, and time that was taken to look after me was amazing and I’ll always trust them with my lips from now on! If you’re looking to get your lips done always do your research! At Dermoperfection both Stu & Amy are trained nurses in their fields. I’d always recommend you go to someone with the qualifications for the job. Please head over to my insta story here where you can see the full procedure of my lips!


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