My Lip Filler Experience

October 16, 2017 by admin0

My Lip Filler Experience

I have been having lip fillers for the past 5 years *Shock Shock Horror*. Yes, thats right, before the Kylie Jenner lip obsession began! However, over the past few weeks people over my social media channels seem to have only started to notice since my last procedure. If you scroll through my YouTube or Instagram you will find the odd photo/video here and there of me with a larger pout but theres not many and none of my viewers noticed back then. The reason why there won’t be many photos/videos of myself with juicy lips despite having them done over the past 5 years is because the product never lasts very long on me. We’ve decided it could be that I have a fast metabolism so break down the product really fast or perhaps I didn’t use enough product for the desired result.

^ A couple of days after my first lip filler experience in 2010, I loved how they looked but they were still swollen. Side note, how orange do I look?! And those brows…urgh!

For years I went to a local clinic and would have 1ml of filler. I tried a product from Restylane, which now doesn’t exist, which lasted the longest out of all the products I had used. However, since that particular filler went off the market I have tried numerous products from Juvederm which only lasted for a very short amount of time, making it not worth the money. I tended to like the look of my lips when they were first done which meant they were still swollen. Therefore, by the time the swelling went down they weren’t much bigger than how they started, which is also a reason they probably didn’t seem to last too long.


Back in November I visited Dr Sarah Tonks at The Lovely Clinic inside Omniya in Knightsbridge, London. After a warm welcome we discussed the kind of look I wanted. I mentioned that filler doesn’t seem to last as long on me as it usually does on most people. Sarah explained to me how filler works and the different types we could try. Finally we decided to give 2ml of Juverderm Voluma a go as it is a stiffer, more robust product. This filler isn’t usually used in the lips so you must go to a Dr who knows exactly what they are doing when using this product. If you have the same issues as me please don’t just go to anyone if you want to try this product. I then had numbing cream applied. Sarah doesn’t always usually apply numbing cream unless requested by the patient, because the needle was a little bigger with Voluma I definitely wanted to be as numb as possible. The numbing cream she used was amazing and after no more than 10 minutes I was numb. The injections were all around the edge of the lip and the worst area for pain was, and always is, the cupids bow. Even with the numbing cream my eyes still watered a little when the needle went in there. After giving my lips a massage we were finished. I left the clinic feeling satisfied but Sarah mentioned that she would like to see me in a couple of weeks to check everything was perfect. Once the numbing cream wore off my lips started to ache but were fine by the next day. My lips gradually got more swollen as the evening went on and by the next day they were even more swollen but this wasn’t cause for concern at all. After a few days the swelling started to go down but it took a little longer than usual because of the product we used.

A couple of weeks past and I headed back to London for my check up. This time Sarah noticed a little bit of asymmetry , I didn’t notice but she’s the expert. My lips are naturally wonky so I want this corrected when having fillers but this is hard to get 100% correct at first because of the swelling so its always good to re-evaluate once the swelling has gone. She decided she wanted to inject a little bit of Juvederm Volift which would help feather in the Voluma making the lips softer. I know it seems like I have had a lot of product , almost 3ml, but I am so happy with the results. Hopefully going the extra mile and using a stiffer product will make the filler last longer.

Juvederm Voluma lasts up to 18 months and Volift lasts up to 14 months but doesn’t tend to last as long in the lips. However, once you have had filler you get new collagen formation in that area making the product semi-permanent rather than temporary – although this never seems to be the case for me.

I’ve had such a mixed reaction over my social media platforms about my lips from ‘your lips look perfect’ to ‘no need to change your lips’ – but we’re all different. If I want to do something to myself and it doesn’t harm me or anyone else I don’t see what is bad about it. Sometimes I think people forget that I am a human and I do read all of my comments. After 5 years of having my lips done I just love how they look but it doesn’t mean I’m not comfortable in my own skin when the filler wears off. Do what makes you happy! Cosmetic procedures can make such a positive difference to someones life but you have to be 100% sure you want something done for the right reasons. Always do your research and make sure you find an amazing Dr to carry out the procedure.


^Top-bottom; Before, straight away first appointment & straight after second appointment



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