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Dermoperfection is a brand of experience, advanced training and a quality service. Delivered passionately by a fully registered practitioner, highly trained by the leading cosmetic courses academy and fully insured by the leading cosmetic insurance group, you are in safe hands.
As a standard you will receive a professional and friendly knowledgable consultation that is personalised to you. You will feel the difference in receiving a high quality service where you feel involved, informed and satisfied, giving you a great experience. This is followed with an offer of reassurance to you, with knowing that the aftercare is seen as being just as important as your treatment and you will have follow on contact and support for any needs.

Dermoperection is built upon being Brand Assured….. I have personally overseen every step and taken time to ensure that only the highest quality products are offered. That these products are accessed from registered UK providers and that all injectable treatments are sourced directly from UK pharmacists only. No corners are cut ever, quality and assurance that the products used are UK regulated is an absolute must and I want to give you the consumer that confidence, reassurance and the exceptional value that you deserve.

Stu Logan
Managing Director & Chief Clinician 

  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Juvéderm Volite
  • Profhilo
  • Peels
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Obagi
  • Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Anti Wrinkle injections can be offered to lines and wrinkles caused by ageing and our everyday facial muscle activity. The scope of treatment at Dermoperfection is much wider than standard practitioners offering advanced techniques covering the full face and neck, be that smile and frown lines through to dimple removal and neck band relaxation.

Everyone is different and treated as an individual, so a bespoke treatment plan will be built together during the consultation to ensure that your personal needs are satisfied.

The effects of Anti Wrinkle treatments will last 3-4 months depending how quickly your muscles start to activate again, everyones response is individual. What is known and that will be discussed during your consultation is that a number of treatment sessions over a set time period will result in long lasting line & wrinkle reduction

Another very effective treatment using Anti Wrinkle is the control and elimination of excessive under arm sweating. This treatment can last for up to 9 months and is a booster for those of us that are effected by increased sweating and the associated inconveniences to this.

DERMAL FILLERS are made from a modified form of a naturally occurring substance found in the human body (hyaluronic acid). The function of this substance is to keep the skin moist & elastic. Dermal fillers restore smoothness by replacing the hyaluronic acid which has deteriorated & volume loss as we age.

These products are particularly good for replacing loss of volume in deep wrinkles and lines, for example the naso-labial fold (nose to mouth). There are a number of different brands and products available all of which will suit different people differently and depending on your needs. Fillers can also be used in combination with Botox® treatments.

The results of fillers are often youthful and natural appearance to the skin and improvement to lines. The adding of volume can make significant differences in particular to the cheek region and skin quality.

Fillers are also used for Lip enhancements and can achieve a variety of outcomes depending on the look you desire. Achieving fullness and definition requires careful placement of the filler product into key areas within the lip and the lip borders. A number of different fillers are available to best achieve your desired look.

All will be discussed and covered in the consultation.

Juvéderm® Volite – an Innovative Injectable Treatment Designed to Improve Skin Quality for up to 9 Months

Each syringe is made up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel designed to improve skin’s smoothness (absence of fine lines), hydration and elasticity for up to nine months with just one treatment

Allergan plc is a leading global pharmaceutical company, that is the manufacturer of some of the most well known aesthetic products. Global and Trusted brands that include Anti Wrinkle & Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® VOLITE is Allergan’s first injectable product specifically designed to improve skin quality and last up to nine months with just one treatment session.

This is a new innovation for skin quality, one that treatment delivers improvements in skin smoothness (absence of fine lines), hydration and elasticity. It can be injected to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands and contains the anaesthetic lidocaine, to enhance patient comfort.

Juvéderm® VOLITE is available to you here at Dermoperfection

Profhilo is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64mg / 2ml) it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue.

Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments currently on offer.

Profhilo is a fantastic treatment that restores the skin to reduce laxity and crepey appearance that comes with age and lifestyle choices that have been made. It can be used in the face, neck, decolletage( creasing between breasts), upper arms (bingo Wings), abdomen, thighs… and much more

Exciting development

Profhilo is creating a real buzz  as “the most exciting development in injectable treatments in a long time”. This is what many people have been waiting for, a treatment that is not surgical, but truly revives the skin and makes a meaningful visible impact to reduce aging, lax, crepey and unattractive skin appearance that has occurred through aging and lifestyle..


As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of HA.

The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement, that results in tightening / lifting effect of the skin.


Quick superficial salicylic acid-based facial chemical peel that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion, and provides firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 use. A series of 4 to 6 peels provides best overall results.

Blue Peel RADIANCE helps improve the appearance of the following skin concerns:

– fine lines and wrinkles
– rough, uneven skin
– blemishes
– mild to moderate photoaging

The Active ingredients are 20% Salicylic Acid, this allows for the treatment to penetrate through the top layers of skin to work on brightening, smoothing and improving your complexion over around 3-7 days. The down time is very minimal and you are able to continue with every days tasks as usual pretty much straight away.

The Obagi blue radiance chemical peel procedures are for professional use only and are only performed by professionally trained specialists to help reveal younger, healthier-looking skin one layer at a time.

Excess sweating and sweat patches

Although sweating is a normal bodily function designed to keep us cool, some of us experience very high levels of sweating and this impacts on our feelings of wellbeing. The medical name for the condition of excessive sweating is Hyperhidrosis. This condition is not harmful to your health but can be affecting you quite negatively,  causing anxiety and a lack of self-confidence, particularly in the important occasions where excess sweat patches can be quite embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Botox® treatments can be used to stop the excessive sweat but suppressing the gland that produces it. It is a very effective treatment, with minimal treatment and down time and can start to work in as little as a few days, being optimum at around 7 days and then lasting anywhere between 6-12 months depending on how you as an individual absorb the treatment.

A full consultation will be undertake to review your needs and if this is the right treatment for you. A simple procedure to stain the sweet glands can be undertake to look at the exact size of the cause, that is causing your excessive sweating and then a bespoke treatment grid to cover all of this area will be mapped out before the treatment is started.

Obagi Medical products work by changing the way the skin functions at a cellular level, delivering unparalleled results. The Obagi System is comprised of a range of topical treatments developed to address a variety of skin concerns. Dermoperfection is an approved Obagi supplier for registered customers.

HYDROSTRETCH action is made possible by the rheological properties of Viscoderm® Hydrobooster; the low gel stiffness and viscosity and high deformability guarantee optimal tissue integration and its use in different levels of the dermis, up to the most superficial layers. For this reason Viscoderm® Hydrobooster is particularly effective on the dynamic areas of the face (perioral, periocular and forehead).


Read our latest news from the company or general medical news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

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